Besemer Family History:

The Immigrant Besemers

Chapter 1: German Roots, 1300 to 1893
Chapter 2: Carl August Besemer, 1872 to 1934
Chapter 3: Wilhelm Fiedrich Besemer - To America
Chapter 4: Marta Schehrer in Faurndau
Chapter 5: The Courtship Years
Chapter 6: Becoming a Family
Chapter 7: A Memoriam to Richard Ira Hofferbert
Chapter 8a: Wilton James Besemer
Chapter 8b: Elizabeth Marie Stewart Besemer
Chapter 8c: Jim Besemer's Engineering Career
Chapter 8d: Lorraine Judith Fredenburg Besemer
Appendix I: Descendants of Johann & Anna Besemer
Appendix II: Descendants of Thomas & Anna Rammenstein